Herz-Jesu Church at Sulzbach – Rosenberg, Germany


The active DSP line array speakers (ACD-3012are installed in the Herz-Jesu church, located in Sulzbach-Rosenberg’s town at the Bavaria zone in Germany, through our distributor. Find more details about the installation inside.

       IMG_1865 IMG_1852

The Herz-Jesu church presented some acoustic and reverberation challenging problems which could not be solved with the previous sound installation. The church structure, the finishing and mostly its height, offered a rather poor intelligibility. The DSP technology and the design within our active columns offer a uniform acoustic field, avoiding unnecessary delays that can occur if different column speakers are to be distributed throughout the depth of the church.

       IMG_1856 IMG_1860

Also to complement the audio chain, it was consider a 6 inputs mixer (PXD-59) with a feedback suppressor module inside (WXD-19) in order to avoid the Larsen effect that affects directly to the system performance. In fact, the excellent response of this module allows at the same time the use of condenser microphones (CM-103) of high sensibility to obtain a better voice performance without the risk of having undesired couplings. For the installation, two microphones were placed on both sides of the altar.

      IMG_1859 IMG_1853

At the same time and as an exception in this case, our customer decided to assign one of the audio channels to the church for the choir. Even taking into account that the mentioned columns are designed mainly for speech applications, the result for this music application and the frequency response offered by them were reason enough for our customer to use them for such application.


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