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Basílica of Saint - Nazaire in Carcassone, France


Unión Desarrollos Electrónicos les complace anunciar que las columnas acústicas AC-100 y AC-150, junto con el amplificador AXD-249, se han instalado con gran éxito en la Basílica de Saint-Nazaire de Carcassone, dentro del departamento de Aude a través de nuestro distribuidor en Francia.


What is the Larsen effect?


We are proud to open our sound area by introducing one of the most common problems that can occur at any sound installation. It is known as Larsen effect, also known as feedback effect. This effect is produced when a sound signal that has already been amplified and reproduced by a loudspeaker is again captured by a microphone. This cause of events creates a specific annoying sound that can be familiar to most of the people. The real problem is that due to this effect we are forced to reduce the volume level of the system and as a result its performance is decreased. In this article we will analyze the causes of this effect as well as different ways to solve it.



New corporate and product catalog


It is finally here! We are glad to introduce you to our brand new corporate and product catalog, which was designed from the ground up with a completely new focus with the goal of attending to our clients requirements. After a hard and long work, our marketing, sales and engineering departments gathered together and as a result, a renovated proposal was published in both its content and image.


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AP-880 / AP-830 Cajas acústicas de 2 vias


El reproductor RM-101 es un reproductor de CD y digital de audio, con sintonizador de radio FM/AM  que permite tanto la
difusión de música, avisos pregrabados, radio, publicidad, etc.
Cajas acústicas de 2 vias para uso en interior y exterior.
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